Yeah, That's What She Said is a series of women-lead events that build relationships and experiences through the arts and activism.  

YTWSS centers art and workshops by working class and poor women, women of color, immigrant women, trans women and queer women.  We are collectively self-organized and largely funded by community support.


YTWSS 2017: Motherland

We are looking for visual artists, film-makers, performers, musicians, poets and workshop facilitators.  We encourage self-referential, self-representational and confessional artwork.

What does home mean to you? What does lineage mean to you? What does connection and intimacy  with your past, present, and future mean to you? 

We are looking for art from women of color, working class and poor women, immigrant women, and trans and queer women that addresses this complicated and pertinent theme, as we defend, seek, and explore our own motherlands. This may include work related to environmental justice, places of origin, family and chosen family, reproductive justice and bodily autonomy, borders, ancestry and lineage, and borders, nationalism, and colonialism. 

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Ways to


Donate Money
Yeah That’s What She uses money to secure venues for events and to pay collaborators for their time. 


Volunteer your time and services
Our programming requires a lot of set up and maintenance. It'd be great if you could volunteer to help us out at events. If you have a skill like design or installation, we'd love to have your help


Spread the word to your networks.
Share our posts and events on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.


Share resources, tools, and access that you have.
Equipment like printers, scanners, cameras, computers and supplies like paper and art making supplies.



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Open up your space and venue for events and workshops.
If you have access to an NYC space where we can host programming, we'd love to hear from you. 


Submit to show work.
We are looking for art and workshops that address how women's experiences are informed by the impact of institutional and structural power on our bodies.


Submit to lead a workshop.
Host a workshop that engages with incarceration, body politics, racism, labor rights, borders, gender representation, ability and illness, the politics of desire,  or reproductive rights. 


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